If you’d like to join us when we open, feel free to reserve a playby of your choice in the app, leaving their first and last name + the alias you will be using. the site is still under construction, but we will add your reserve to the face claim list and it will last three days after the site is open. we will note you about it  by messaging your tumblr, so no anonymous reserves, please!


HAZZA (Marti) :

Cara Delevingne, Cher Lloyd, Harry Styles, Oliver Sykes, Perrie Edwards, Selena Gomez


Logan Lerman, Dianna Agron, Kaya Scodelario, Xavier Samuel, 


Cara Delevingne 2, Sam Thompson, Hannah Snowdon, Lucy Hale OR Ashley Benson


Max Schneider, Ross Lynch, Louis Tomlinson, Max Irons, 


harry styles 2, selena gomez 2, george shelley, nina nesbitt, kylie jenner


Kellin Quinn, Sky Ferreira, Holland Roden, Chachi Gonzalez, Victoria Justice



full name: jaden grey

birthplace: miami, florida

age:  17

occupation: high school junior

looks like: ross lynch

personality type: helpful

played by: colt

jaden has always been one to think that his friends were the most important people in the world. even if he’s considered one of the most talented kids in his generation, other people were obviously better than him. so when high school came around and he made a bad decision for who would be his friends, he ended up as more of a servant than a friend. even if he doesn’t see it that way, he’s involved with a bad crowd and soon enough that’ll cause him enough trouble to question if the way he lives his life is what’s best or not. 


full name: Annabeth Joanne Morgan

birthplace: Glasgow,UK

age: 20

occupation: university junior

looks like: Perrie Edwards

personality type: perfectionist

played by: Marti

Annabeth, also called Beth or Betty, has originated from Scotland. Morgans were a middle income family. Maybe not the wealthiest one, but money has never been essential for them. Well, that was until a richer man caught moma Morgan’s attention - after the proposal she was out and away with Beth and her younger brother to follow him to Boston. It turned out mr Williams had children himself, completely different from Morgans - money had never been an issue for them. However, if the children got along well, the new stepdad had something different in mind. Thinking Annabeth is absolutely gorgeous, he started to sneak in into her bedroom at nights,taking advantage of the girl against her will. She tried talking to her mom about it, but she was so smitten with the guy she didn’t believe a single word Beth was trying to say. It continued till her high school graduation. Hearing about the opportunity to go Latvia, she took it without even thinking.


Above you can see a photoset of Riga, where the events of LFK occur. As you can see, we have really picked a beautiful location for our roleplay - beautiful architecture, interesting culture, various entertainment possibilities. We hope you’ll enjoy that as well!


With the population of 700,000, Riga is relatively considered small for a capital. Everybody talks, everybody knows anybody who’s somebody. Your deepest, darkest secrets are not so secret anymore - I’m watching every step you take. Once you make the smallest mistake, I’ll make sure everybody knows it. Who am I? That’s a mystery. Am I reallly a guy who doesn’t want to deal with your bullshit anymore?  Maybe a girl who’s using the character of Mr Diva as a cover? Am I a local, tired of you dumb Americans invading my land? Am I a foreigner, bored as fuck in this small shitty mud pit? One thing is for sure - I’m better than all of you, and I’ll make sure to remind you about is as much as possible.

TTYL, Peasants, I hate you all equally <3

This horrible thing you see above is our current site advert. Of course, once it’s open, we will change it to something prettier. So, if you see this somewhere, you can be sure that by clicking it you will be taken to our tumblr. 


full name: daniel roman benson

birthplace: los angeles, california

age: 19

occupation: university sophomore

looks like: kellin quinn

personality type: individualist

played by selene

This is Daniel. He tends to go by his favored nickname, Danny, but people call him Danny Phantom, Danimals, and Dan Dan, among other things. And because of his best friends, he’s also called Cookie, but that’s another thing. He’s probably the one person you’ll always want in your life. He’s fun, flirty, and knows how to have a good time. He always puts his friends before him, and really doesn’t have a shortage of them. He’s pretty popular amongst most people, and loves to hang with everyone. Danny has some personal problems though; one being that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings or fall in love. He also doesn’t know how to stand up for himself, but doesn’t back down from a fight. He also has bipolar disorder, and smokes weed most of the time to keep himself calm and balanced. Hang out with Danny - you’ll always have a good time. 

Meet the staff: Colt

Hey what’s up guys? The name’s Colt and I’m your local, overly obsessive, sadly no longer a teenager admin. I’m from Hell, a small place known as Iowa and I’m completely surrounded by corn, beans, and a constant stink that doesn’t ever leave. I’ve been roleplaying for….ten years? I think that’s about right, and I’m the guy who makes the same character with different names and different faces. Or well, I used to be that guy, ever since meeting these crazy people who stand beside me as the admin team I’ve grown as a roleplayer and all that.

Um, for things I’m into, I told you I was overly obsessive right? Well, a majority of my time is dedicated to video games and roleplaying. If I’m not on the site I’m probably on my computer playing World of Warcraft (Horde or gtfo) or League of Legends (stay the fuck outta my jungle) and there’s a chance I’m playing a console game but don’t count on it. There’s also the small fact taht I have an addiction to hunting down and owning comic books, Spiderman is my favorite hero by far, hence the admin name, and yea, comics are an amazing form of art. I also have obsessions with television shows, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Twisted, Teen Wolf, just to name a few, there’s a shit ton more. As for my taste in music, it’s all over the fucking place. One minute you could be talking to me and Sleeping With Sirens is playing and the next I’m listening to Hot Chelle Rae or Bridget Mendler. Except my favorite band is Paradise Fears, and for movies, there’s no arguing Dead Poet’s Society. 

Did I cover it all? I think I got it all. OH WAIT, you  need to know some other things I guess. I typically only play boys, mainly cause I am a dude and I don’t know how to play women so I don’t want to ruin them. But for my faces, you’ll be seeing the wonderful cast of Louis Tomlinson, Max Schneider, Ross Lynch, Max Irons, Kit Harrington, Francisco Lachowski, Dylan O’Brien, and Finn Harries.

Am I done now? I think I’m done. Good, I need a drink. 

Meet the staff: Selene

Heyy. My name is Selene, that’s what I usually go by, but my name is Briah, and sometimes I go by Kit-Kat! Not necessarily like a Kit Kat bar, but like a kitty cat, because I’m pretty much obsessed with those wonderous creatures. Um, I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, party city, woo, and I’ve been roleplaying for about four years.

So, okay, some things about me. My personality’s pretty much all over the place. So are my interests, I love to play piano and play video games, I love to read and write, I love going to school and being with my friends, and I love vacation. I love my computer and phone more than anything, and my music choice is all over the place. I like things from 1D to My Chemical Romance, Sleeping With Sirens and PTV… I like a lot of music. Anything but coountry. Also, I’m kinda obsessed with the TV shows The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf.

So yeah, that’s me! If you wanna check me out, this is my tumblr:

Also, like Foxx, I’m a charrie whore, and I’ll be playing a Kellin Quinn, Nina Dobrev, Sky Ferreira, Victoria Justice, Chachi Gonzales, and an Evan Peters. c: